Module Five


Any student who feels they need more help with, or feedback about, their writing may talk to the professional writing consultants at the Bellevue University Writing Center. They will not only provide assistance with your current assignment, they will help you acquire the skills you need for future writing projects. Their services are free to all Bellevue University students, faculty, and staff. Distance students may also take advantage of the Writing Center by submitting their papers through email. Students who email their work should provide the instructions they were given for their paper, the instructor's name, the class, and the due date.


To make an appointment with a writing consultant, use WCOnline.
Walk ins are welcome on a first come first served basis


Main Campus, Learning Commons in the Library building, Room 439


Hours may vary; call to check or use WCOnline to set up a time


Face to face consultation - physicaly meet with a writing consultant on the Bellevue University main campus.
Online consultations - meet with a consultant online via webcam and audio (similar to Skype).
Telephone appointment - allows you to work with a consultant over the phone.
Writing review - allows student to receive feedback but without being present at the appointment time. Work is submitted and reviewed, and then log back in to access the feedback through a simple download.


402-557-5449, or toll free 800-756-7920, ext. 5449

Email, turnaround time is 24-48 hours

Many helpful handouts and links to other writing resources are available from the website.

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