Module Four


To start creating citations, click on Sources at the top of the page. Now click on Create new citation.

Citation Menu

A pop-up box will appear that asks you how you accessed your source. Once you click on one of these, a comprehensive list of specific types of sources will be displayed. Select the one that describes your source; the most common ones are listed first. This will bring up a form to enter all the necessary information. Fill it in carefully; suggestions will appear as you type, guiding you through capitalization and other rules. When you are finished, click on Submit

Citation Menu

Repeat this process for every source and your citations will take care of themselves! NoodleTools will show you a preview of your citations as you add them. You can easily make changes if you notice a mistake. If you are not sure how to do the in-text citation, NoodleTools will help you with that too. Just click on Options to the far right of your citation

When you are finished, NoodleTools will import your list to Word or Google Docs, perfectly formatted and ready to add to your paper. Don't worry about saving your list; NoodleTools will save it automatically in your Projects, until you delete it!

NoodleTools has many other helpful features, including electronic Notecards which you may use to organize the information you found in your various sources.

For more information, see the NoodleTools page of the Citing Sources LibGuide.

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