Module Four


It is not enough to list the references you used at the end of your paper. You must also indicate specifically which information came from which source. An in-text citation is a shortened form of the full citation. It provides enough information to lead the reader to the full citation in your References list (APA) or Works Cited list (MLA). This type of citation usually appears in parentheses at the end of the sentence which contains the quote, paraphrased passage, or information being cited.


* There are some exceptions to this rule, including personal communication, such as an email or interview.

These rules will cover the most common citations within the text of your paper. If in doubt, use the citation tools such as those mentioned previously. NoodleTools will also help you with your in-text citations; just click on In-text reference, next to your full citation.

Click on the APA Manual or MLA Handbook below for examples.

APA Manual MLA handbook

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