Module Four


By now, you should know that we cite information to give credit to the original author or source, but there is another reason to cite. Your citation should provide a path that will lead the reader, usually your instructor, to your source. Therefore, your citation should be complete enough that the reader (your instructor) can easily find the source that you used. Keep in mind that your instructor may want to check the accuracy of your information.


Therefore, the citation needs to contain all the basic information about the source. There are rules about how to arrange this information in your citation so that it is consistent. However, there is more than one style of citation. The most common styles are APA (American Psychological Association) and MLA (Modern Language Association). Make sure you know which one your professor wants you to use.

Your instructor may ask you to submit your paper through This is a plagiarism prevention tool that can identify material that is not original. You can access it from the Services menu on the library homepage. Your instructor will provide the password.

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