Module One


There are many useful resources and services under the four headings. Some have been discussed already and others will be covered throughout BUILD IT. Here are a few others you don't want to miss.


Digital Archives

The history of Bellevue University is being reproduced and preserved in our searchable Digital Archives. This growing collection includes newsletters, news clippings, transcribed oral histories, books, documents, photographs,catalogs, student newspapers, yearbooks, and graduation programs from years gone by. Check back often for new additions.


copyright symbol

Our Copyright Center will answer all your questions about copyright laws and Bellevue University's copyright policy. You will also find many articles related to copyright issues, as well as links to websites with helpful information about copyright. It is updated often for new information.

About Us

library desk

Click on About Us to see our hours of operation, and also the phone numbers for all library services. Library staff names, titles, and links to their email are also found here. Click here for a quick check of library hours and most used phone numbers.


question mark

Whether you have general questions about library facilities, services, or materials, or need to know official library procedures, be sure to check out the FAQs & Library Procedures page. If you have questions, suggestions, or comments about the library, click on Library Comments.

Library Newsletter

The Library Newsletter, More Than Books, is published four times a year and is full of the latest library news, including information about new services and resources,interesting websites, tech tips, reviews of journals, books, and videos, and more. Pick up a copy at the front desk, or click on Our Newsletter..

Library Newsletter

Even if you live hundreds of miles away and are never able to visit the library in person, you can take an interactive Virtual Library Tour to get a glimpse of it. You will see how the library is laid out and what services it offers.

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