Module Three


Books have been written on every imaginable topic. There are three main types of books found in the library.

Reference Books

These books have recently been moved into our general collection and can now be checked out like any other book. Many of these types of books are now online and we no longer have print copies. Here are some common types of reference books.

General Encyclopedia Encyclopedia Concise, fairly brief overview of a topic
Good for preliminary research to acquaint yourself with a topic
Subject encyclopedia subject encyclopedia Focuses on topics pertaining to a specific subject
Information more extensive than in a general encyclopedia
Subject dictionary subject dictionary Contains definitions or short explanations of terminology associated with a specific field
Useful if you are unfamiliar with words and concepts that keep popping up in your research
Handbook handbook Contains facts, tables, charts, statistics, etc. associated with specific topics
Sometimes includes instruction for various procedures

General Collection Books

These books can be checked out. They are mainly nonfiction, informative books suitable for research, rather than popular reading, and contain comprehensive information on topics. They are stored on movable compact shelving according to the Library of Congress classification system. They may be sent to students in other locations through our Document Delivery service.

Electronic Books

Thousands of books, including reference, are available online from the Bellevue University Library. They can all be accessed through Discovery Search on the library homepage. Many, but not all, can be found in and accessed from eCatalog. You can also search for eBooks in the various eBook datbases and access them directly from there.These books can be read wherever a device with internet is available.

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