Module Three


Another option for finding library resources is Discovery Search, which searches nearly all the library resources simultaneously. In fact, you can use it to search for articles, books, ebooks, book chapters, and more, without having to repeat your search over and over. This can be a real timesaver. Not every database is compatible with this type of search, but most of them are. You will find it at the top of the library homepage. It works like this:

Rather than searching a specific database, you may use the Discovery Search box on the library homepage. Enter a keyword or phrase, such as "climate change" into the box. When using a search phrase of two words or more, enclose it in quotation marks so it will be searched as a phrase, rather than searching each word individually.

Below is a partial list of your search results. Because this is a keyword search without any refinements, you will probably get a very large number of results. In this case, there are over two million results! However, by using the options to the left of the results, you can focus your search and dramatically reduce that amount, leaving only those that are relevant.

Discovery Search Results Page

Go on to the next page to see how to focus your search using the limiters in the left pane.

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