The Internet, or more specifically the World Wide Web, can provide a wealth of information with a few clicks of the mouse. You can also waste a lot of time there if you don't know how to search effectively. Some of the best information online is in websites maintained by companies, universities, non-profit organizations, museums, and the government. It is a particularly good source for breaking news, and the most current information on things such as weather, sports scores, flight times, and stock quotes.

World Wide Web

No one agency is in charge of the web, so it is not neatly organized. Your browser links you to search engines that have indexed much of the content and can retrieve information for you based on the search terms you use. Anyone can publish on the web and your browser cannot tell the difference between sites that have accurate information and those that do not. Exercise caution when using the Web as a source for your research, but don't rule it out. You can find valuable information there, if you know how.

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