Module Three


eCatalog provides detailed information for every item in the search results. In this case, we are looking at one of the books that came up in the results for business etiquette. Click on the title to see the Details:

ecatalog item details

Here you will find more detailed information about the item you have chosen. The information may vary by format of the item and the item itself. In this example of a print book, besides the title and author, you see the ISBN, publication information, the size of the book, and the subject terms used to index it. In many cases, you can access the table of contents. Sometimes a summary of the book, or even book reviews, are included. The call number, barcode, and availability of the book is also in the details,as well as its location within the library. In the top right corner, you will see some useful actions to choose from, including emailing, texting, or printing the item details. You can also add it to a temporary list which you can access by clicking on My Lists at the top of the page. This list will not be saved though and will be lost once you close eCatalog.

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