Module Three

A-Z Journal List

Sometimes you will need an article from a particular publication, but how do you know if the library has access to that publication? In addition to the databases housed within EBSCOhost and ProQuest , articles can be found in MasterFile Complete, Opposing Viewpoints in Context, LexisNexis, and others. How do you know which database to look in? The answer to both questions is the A-Z Journal List. This handy tool tells you which periodicals the library has full-text access to and the dates available, letting you quickly track down and access the periodical you need. Not all journals are in the library databases. You can use A-Z Journal List to locate journals that we subscribe to individually as well as those that are found in the Directory of Open Access Journals. A-Z Journal List is located under Find on the library homepage. You can also start from the Discovery Search box on the library homepage by changing the menu from Articles, eBooks, & more to A-Z Journal List.

Journal Holdings

Journal Search Results

To find a specific journal, enter the title of the journal into the search box and click on Search. When you type in the exact title of a journal, such as Journal of Marketing & Management, it will be at the top of the list, usually followed by other publications with similar titles. The databases where it is found are listed along with the dates available. You can now hyperlink directly to the journal by clicking on one of the databases listed. Even if you do not know the exact title, type in the words you know then scroll through the list to find it. A-Z Journal List will find all types of periodicals,including newspapers and magazines, not just journals.

You can also Browse by Discipline for publications. This is helpful when you do not have a specific publication in mind, but want to find one in a particular area. Once the list of titles comes up, you can use the options to the left to narrow the list down more.

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