Module Three


Bellevue University Library has over 80,000 print books as well as over 250,000 electronic books. That is a lot of information and it is continuously growing as new titles are added. So, how do you sort through it all to find what you are looking for? The answer is eCatalog.


eCatalog is our online catalog. It is the electronic version of the venerable old card catalog without all those drawers and cards, and with many more features. It can be accessed from any computer. Though it is most often used to search for books, it contains the records of all the physical holdings of the Bellevue University Library, as well as many of the electronic resources.. These records include:

virtual card catalog

eCatalog can be accessed from our library homepage. Since it is a public access catalog, off campus users may search it without logging into the library databases. However, not all features will be available.

Once you know how to use eCatalog, you will be able to locate any physical item in our library. To access eCatalog, look under Find on the library homepage.

Note. All physical items in the library can be found in eCatalog, but not all the eledtronic ones, especially the eBooks. Thousands of eBooks can be found in the catalog, but not all. However, all eBooks are found using Discovery Search.

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graphic used with permission of Wilmington Public Library, Wilmington, Ohio