Module Three


Periodicals are so called because they are published at regular intervals - or periodically. They may be published daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or at any other interval. Most of your periodical research will come from four main categories.

Magazines magazine Contain articles about topics of popular or current interest
Geared toward the general public
Usually written by journalists, not experts
Sometimes serious topics are covered and analyzed
Scholarly Journals scholarly journal Contain detailed articles focusing on a particular profession or academic area
Articles written by scholars or experts in that field
May cover very specific aspects of a topic
Often report on studies and research.
Include references
May be peer reviewed before being selected for publication
Trade Publications trade journal Articles directed at people in a certain field or industry
Written by other people in that field or industry
Contain industry information, trends, statistics, etc.
Newspapers newspapers Articles cover current events
More up to date than journals or books
Usually published daily
Good source for local information

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