Module Three


The search results page can tell you a lot about the articles you have found and give you many options for revising your search. Below are the first couple of articles to come up in the search results for athletes AND steroids. The articles are arranged by relevance, but can be resorted by ascending or descending date, as well as by source or author. A symbol to the left of the article title tells you the type of publication. All of the bibliographic information is also visible, including the author, publication name, date, and page numbers. It may include a DOI number and it will also tell you whether there are any diagrams, charts, graphs, or other images in the article. Also helpful to know are the subject terms that were used to index the article as you can use these to focus your search. To read an article, click on HTML Full Text or PDF Full Text. You may print articles, email them, or gather them in a folder as you continue to search.

Ebsco results page

Tips for using EBSCOhost
EBSCOhost also gives you many options to refine your results in the left column, without having to go back to the search screen. The suggested Subjects and Thesaurus Terms can be especially helpful in focusing your results. Just click on one and all the unrelated articles will be eliminated from your search results.

To read the abstract of an article, click on the magnifying glass icon that appears next to the article title.

The articles that you add to a folder will appear in the right column, but will not be saved once you end your session. To save them for another time, you may set up your own personal folder by clicking on "Sign In" at the top of the page.

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