Module Three


EBSCOhost provides a number of databases, some geared toward specific subject areas, which contain articles from various types of publications. You may search all the databases within EBSCOhost at once, or just choose those that will most likely fit your needs. The following example demonstrates how to find articles about steroid use among athletes. A good place to start is Academic Search Complete, an EBSCOhost database which covers a broad range of disciplines. The basic search screen is shown below with the search terms - athletes, steroids - entered into the search box, using the Boolean connector AND. In the Search Options area below, the Full Text limiter has been marked. Your search results will contain only complete articles where both search terms, athletes and steroids, are present. Notice that there are a number of other options available, such as searching only scholarly journals or limiting your search to specific dates.

EBSCO basic search

To access Academic Search Premier, click on Databases under Find on the library homepage. Locate Academic Search Premier and click on it. If you are not already logged into the library resources, you will be prompted to do so.

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