Module Three


What is the Internet and How Does it Work?

Basically, the Internet is a giant network
of computers. Actually, it is a
network made up of millions of interconnected networks,
thus the term internet.

The World Wide Web is part of the Internet and consists of linked web pages. These pages are delivered to your computer by means of a browser, like Internet Explorer.

computer network


spider web

The browser lets you access pages on the World Wide Web directly, or by connecting you to a search engine, like Google. Search engines use software, called spiders, that crawl the web by following the links in pages. They use keywords to index the information they find along the way. The search engine then retrieves the information found by spiders by matching the words you have typed in the search box to words in its index.

train engine

So, why is all of this important?

If you know what terms to type in the search box, and you know how to evaluate the results, you will find
valuable, reliable, and therefore, useable information.

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