Module Three


The first thing that will catch your eye in eCatalog, is the carousel that displays various things such as new library materials and best seller lists. Most likely though, you will be looking for specific types of items, and eCatalog offers many options for finding them. In most cases, the basic search bar, shown below, is a good place to start, especially if you choose some search options first. The drop down menu to the left is set by default to Everything, and will search all types of formats simultaneously, but you may also choose a specific format, such as Books, eBooks, Audio Books, DVDs, and eBooks on Kindle. The next drop down menu allows you to search All Fields simultaneously, but it is often more useful to choose a specific field, such as title, author, or subject. When you have made your choices, fill in your search terms and click on Search.

catalog homepage

The next few pages will demonstrate a typical eCatalog search, as well as making sense of the results page.

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