Module Two


Now you are ready to begin gathering information. Make sure you know what types of references your instructor requires. For example, do you need journal articles or books, scholarly sources or general? How current should your sources be? Is it all right to get information on the Internet?

Be selective when you gather information. Avoid duplicating information or gathering information that doesn't really fit the topic. However, if you think you have found something that might have some value, keep it. You can discard it later if it is not useful; it will be easier than trying to find it again. Module Three will describe types of resources and how to locate information using the Bellevue University Library. It will even give you tips for finding good credible information online.


Just one more thing:

Before you begin your research, you will need to learn how to search effectively. The next few pages will tell you how to choose search terms and combine them to set up an effective search.

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