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1. What does it mean to be information literate?

2. Besides coming into the library, how can you contact the Bellevue University Library?

3. What service would you use if you wanted to have a book from the Bellevue University Library sent out to you?

4. A good way to get to know the Bellevue University Library is to become familiar with

5. Journal articles can most easily be found:

6. Students who are not on campus

7. Where can you find a copy of the library newsletter?

8. On the library homepage, use Discovery Search to

9. Name two good databases for locating business information:

10. What does BUILD IT stand for?

11. What service would you use if you needed to borrow an item that is not owned by Bellevue University Library?

12. To find out more about library services and policies, consult

How Did You Do?

0-5 correct answers - Your foundation isn't strong enough
6-9 correct answers - Your foundation is a little shaky
10-12 correct answers - Congratulations, you have built a firm foundation!

module one
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