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1. Electronic Books:

2. The World Wide Web:

3. The LexisNexis database is a good source to use to find:

4. The Bellevue University Library online catalog is called:

5. The library's eBooks may be accessed from:

6. Journal articles may be found:

7. If you want to locate more books similar to the one you have found in eCatalog, search again using the official
Library of Congress subject heading(s) found in:

8. Which database contains millions of records representing holdings of libraries around the world?

9. The call number of a book is:

10. You may use eCatalog to:

11. Which types of materials can be found in eCatalog?

12. One way to be sure that the information you find on the Web is reliable is to:

How Did You Do?

0-5 correct answers - Your building may collapse.
6-9 correct answers - Your building has a few weak joints.
10-12 correct answers - Congratulations, your building is getting stronger!

three modules
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