module two


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1. The first rule for writing a successful paper is

2. A(n) ___________ is a snapshot of your paper.

3. Which of the following is a crucial step when searching the library databases for information?

4. Which word is a Boolean operator?

5. Making an outline for your paper allows you to:

6. Using the AND connector between two search terms will:

7. Keywords are usually:

8. When doing a research paper, you should devote the most time to?

9. The Boolean connector OR:

10. Which technique would you use to construct a complex search?

11. A symbol that is a substitute for a letter or letters in a word is called a:

12. Which of the databases uses a question mark as a wildcard?

How Did You Do?

0-5 correct answers - Your building is not strong enough
6-9 correct answers - Your building is still a little shaky
10-12 correct answers - Congratulations, your building is looking good!

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