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What is BUILD IT

How to Use BUILD IT

Module One module one

Getting to know the BU library

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Library Services

Ways to Borrow


Don't Miss These

Library Hours and Phone Numbers

Library Databases

Why Use the Databases

Database Spotlight

Off Campus Access

Library Access through Blackboard

Module One Review

Module One Quiz

module one

Module Two module two

Planning Your Project

Preparing to Write

Step One: Know the Criteria

Step Two: Make a Timeline

Step Three: Choose a Topic

Step Four: Preliminary Research

Step Five: Focus your Topic

Step Six: Make an Outline

Step Seven: Research your Topic

Identifying Keywords

Using Boolean Connectors

More Connectors


module two

Wildcards and Truncation

Module Two Review

Module Two Quiz

Module Three module three

Module Four module four

Citing Sources

What is Plagiarism?

The No Excuses Three Second Plagiarism Test

The Accidental Plagiarist

Do I have to Cite Everything?

What Exactly is a Citation?

Parts of a Citation

Citation Tools


Starting a New NoodleTools Project

NoodleTools Dashboard

Creating Citations with NoodleTools

In-Text Citations

APA Style In-Text Citations

MLA Style In-Text Citations

four modules

What about Copyright?

Module Four Review

Module Four Quiz

Module Five module five

Putting it all Together

The Art of Taking Notes

Start Writing

The Rough Draft - A Good Start

Revising your Paper - The Makeover

Proofreading and Formatting

The Writing Center

Other Ways to Get Help

Links for Literacy

More Literacy Links

Taking your Topic from Idea to Finished Paper

Reference List

Module Five Review

complete building

Module Five Quiz


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